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sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Today, after five months without Panche.
The people who love him so much have created a garden in his memory.
Thank you all

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012


Life in Bal Mandir is hard for every child, but some are luckier than others.
I have just received the saddest news. Panche -who I liked to call Little Budha-
will no longer be around us” this is what Kalpana, an orphan, a friend and a volunteer at Balmandir communicated to us.

Panche had growth development problems, therefore, he was very small but it was you yourself that felt small when you looked into his eyes.


During my last visit to Bal Mandir I witnessed a very special, funny, warm and magical scene.

Panche and Trilochana were chatting and laughing together heartedly. At one point they stood up and decided to play trains, Trilo was the engine and Panche, holding on to her waist, marched around one of Bal Mandir's patios. The scene wouldn't have been that unusual if it wasn't because Trilochana, apart from being a restless and wonderfully active child, is also blind.

And like this, throwing herself into the abiss which, at this particular moment, was the patio for her; confident and trusting, she drove this train that was carrying her and Panche through life.

At that time I could only look and admire Panche's wonderful smile, holding onto his friend's waist and every now and then looking out so that they could avoid any obstacles.

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Route through the valley of Saja

On the morning of the Thursday the19th of April 2012, Ruta6 enjoyed a visit from the students and teachers from IES valle del Saja. The idea was to make a human chain to take books from Ruta6 to their school and to put them on sale for the morning of the following day. On Friday the 20th, they celebrated Book Day and once more, we see the commitment from these young people to the sponsorship funds for Balmandir.
Giving , as the photo clearly shows, a helping hand to support Education.
 Thank you again

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

scholarship 2012

Name Class      Rupias       Euros

Sudip Magar VII 124500 1.152,78

Keshav Bhatta VII 129250 1.196,76

VII 129350 1.197,69

Subash Gautam V 126970 1.175,65

Janak Rokaya III 125460 1.161,67

Pooja Kurmi III 122950 1.138,43

Sushmita Jaicy III 121150 1.121,76

Gokul Nepali UKG 117410 1.087,13

Himal Nepali UKG 119870 1.109,91

Karan K.C UKG 120450 1.115,28

Bipin Bom UKG 119910 1.110,28

Sagar Thapa VII 136800 1.266,67

Total 1495570 13.847,87